Scientific Themes

We invite you to submit your abstract in relation to research and proficiency in Alzheimers-2022. Abstracts of all the related interest areas are accepted, but are not limited to the following sessions:

  • Diagnosis and Pathogenesis
  • Behaviour and Treatment of Alzheimers
  • Down Syndrome
  • Dementia during Aging
  • Epidemiology and Etiology
  • Genetics, Geriatrics and Neuropsychology
  • Neurodegeneration in Alzheimers
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Alzheimers
  • Neuropathology of Alzheimers
  • Prognosis and Management of Alzheimers
  • Neuro Imaging
  • The Role of Aging in Alzheimers Disease
  • Dementia Care and Nursing
  • Cognition and Dementia
  • Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

For submitting your Abstract you can upload it using the submission form at: Online abstract submission Or alternatively by sending it to Email: